About Universe Design
We started as a way to help smaller companies and organizations. With years of experience building brand identities, the one-man studio of Christopher Universe (Brewer) morphed into a vision of Universe Design to help small companies and organizations.
My Goal
Universe Design's primary purpose is to provide clients with simple solutions to fit their needs through design and marketing.
My Focus
Universe Design's primary focus is on branding and identity. With several hugely successful projects, Christopher loves to help provide a face and fitting personality to the company. If you are starting a company/organization or thinking of giving your company's brand an update, talk to Universe Design and see what we can do for you.

About Chris
Christopher Brewer is a designer across many fields. Having a degree in both Graphic and Industrial design, he has a vast range of skills. His career in teaching at a local community college, helped students fall in love with graphic design. He has worked at small and large firms creating imagery for both print and web content. 
He has volunteered for years with a non-profit in Knoxville, Knox Pride. Growing the organization in many ways, such as communication, organization, marketing, and merchandise. His marketing campaign for 2018 successfully rose attendance by 10K, surprising the other organization leaders. Through his volunteering efforts, he has worked with companies like Hard Rock Cafe and Andrew Christian. His volunteering over the past years has grown into the hours of a full-time employee. He is proud to list Knox Pride as a milestone on his resume.
Thank you!